Friday, August 10, 2007

A Missing Meteorite, Aliens, And The Largest Impact Ever

Get this. A meteorite weighing over 3 tons has gone missing:

The gigantic meteorite was found on a 2004 expedition to investigate the famed Tunguska Event, a massive explosion over remote Siberia back in 1908 that was 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima H-bomb explosion. No one has satisfactorily explained the explosion, and theories abound: everything from a meteorite to a miniature black hole. It leveled trees for 830 square miles. The strangest thing is that the explosion happened 5 to 10 kilometers above the surface of the earth.

The gigantic meteorite was housed in the yard of the Tunguska Event Foundation in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and went missing in June during a move to a new facility. How does a 3 ton stone get stolen? Not easily.

Oh, but the story gets much, much more interesting…..

Foundation director Yury Lavbin had led the expedition that found the meteor. On that expedition, he also claimed to have found the remains of – drumroll please – an alien spacecraft!

After revising the trajectory of the Tunguska meteor based on new data, Lavbin and his colleagues were able to trace more precisely where any meteoric debris would wind up. What they found in that location was a large, “blocklike” object made of gray, shiny metal. They managed to chip off a piece of it and conducted metallurgical analysis. From the article: “Preliminary analyses show that it is a compound of iron silicate with unknown material.” Follow-up studies continue.

Fascinating. Remember, scientists must, by practice, keep an open mind about things. Even though UFO’s seem outlandish, there is lots of evidence every year in photographs, video, credible witness testimonials, and even trace evidence which would lead me to believe there is something very real going on that cannot easily be explained. Certainly a lot more evidence than, say, a belief in God, for instance. But I'll reserve my belief until he presents his findings in some peer-reviewed publication, or actually presents his "spacecraft debris" to the doubting public.

And I think it’s a little too soon to go around saying that aliens collided with a meteor to save Earth, eh?

Addendum: THIS website provides a skeptical UFOlogist’s view of the whole UFO claim. In it he carefully lays out his rationale for doubting the claim unless better evidence is put forward. I’m inclined to agree.


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