Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yes, I'm Alive!

Oh man, have I been gone a long time or what?! My life has suddenly become a swirl of new job, a business trip, children, home chores, and a non-profit organization I'm in that's in chaos. Ugg.

But hey! You haven't lost me yet. I'm still kickin', as hairy and smelly as always! Time to get back to the blogosphere!


Lila said...

welcome back!

Maggie said...

Thank god you're ok. I had started to wonder if some experiment you were working on grew long purple tentacles and reached around its glass container and nabbed you by the neck. Or that perhaps a mutant mouse and enslaved you to do his dirty work of taking over the world.

Angry Lab Rat said...


Much less exciting, I'm afraid. More like children and work reaching around and grabbing me by the neck.