Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Goodbye, Nimbus

Back in 1996, my wife and I had been married only a year when we moved to the state we currently live in. We immediately went to the animal shelter and adopted a kitty cat, a loving, young, dark gray cat that looked like a little rain cloud. We named him Nimbus.

Two nights ago, after 11 years, our little rain cloud passed away, dying quietly at home.

Within a year of first bringing him home, Nimbus developed a case of irritable bowel syndrome. The vet prescribed him steroid pills, without which he would not be able to keep food down. I gave him a pill every night for 10 years. The steroids kept him alive, but they slowly poisoned him, too, until, a month or so ago, he had kidney failure and stopped making new blood cells. Dialysis wasn’t a reasonable option, so we knew the end was coming. I’m just happy he went without pain, at home, and didn’t have to be taken to the vet to be euthanized. He spared us that.

When we brought him home as a kitten, he was so thankful that he went back and forth between our laps, purring and being loved. He could jump incredibly high while chasing ribbons and strings, doing flips and jumping from a sitting position so high his paws would touch the top of a door. Then one day he landed wrong, hurting his leg. He hardly jumped again after that.

Nimbus was a big cat, comparatively, but very much a lap kitty, and would bug me for attention any time I was sitting, particularly if I wanted to read. And he was very soft. He would sleep by my head every night, whether I wanted him to or not. I’ll miss that.

Though we got three other housecats after Nimbus, Nimbus was like our first baby, through six years of infertility treatments, then the adoption of our two children.

He’s being cremated, and I imagine we’ll bury his ashes in the flower bed, near the bird feeder.

Goodbye, my Nimbus. We love you.


RBH said...

Sorry to hear about Nimbus. We've had a long series of pets -- at first just dogs and then both dogs and cats -- over 42 years, and each one that has left us -- Beau, Frisky Olsen, Benito, Grandma Tigger, Alyce Victoria, Grizzie, Ollie, -- was special and is still missed. And now Sherlock and Watson, two big dogs, live with us and may well outlast me. I hope they'll miss me as much as I would them. :)

Bye, Nimbus.

Maggie said...

He sounds like a very special cat. I'm sorry you lost him but glad he had such a long and happy life with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, he was a good kitty.

Virginia Lee said...

I have a feeling Nimbus will still be with you. In your dreams if nowhere else. Soon enough you'll wake up convinced you'd been holding him in your arms or on your lap.

At least, that's what happens with me and the kitties I've lost through the years.

My best to you and your family.