Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Do you envy people who can bend spoons with the power of their mind? Ever wanted to be a Jedi? Do you wish you were a poltergeist? Well now you, too, can control inanimate objects through telekinesis:

Introducing Mindball, the new interactive game of mind control. Sit at the special Mindball table, put on the brain-scanning headband, and show off your mental prowess against as many as three opponents by moving a ball up and down the table using only your brainwaves. By controlling your Zen-like ability to relax, your alpha- and theta-waves are measured by an EEG and transferred to the ball's kinetic motion. The more relaxed you are, the further the ball moves. Look Ma, no hands! But watch out! Your opponent can move the ball too. Who will be more relaxed? How could you possibly pass up such an exciting and interactive game?

But wait, there's more! Call in the next 10 minutes and you'll receive the Mindball Trainer. This sophisticated device is an excellent way to hone your theta waves before the big game and get an edge over your opponents.

Order now. What could be more fun? Relaxation and telekinesis are just a brainwave away!


Maggie said...

That sounds rather oxy-moronic. Play a competative game of who can be more relaxed? If you are both relaxed at about the same level, thus a game of great challenge arises, whose adrenaline will screw them over first?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap,
I am sorry but this kicks ass, I would waste way too much money on it.

SO, which one of us do you think will win? ... after a friday morning seminar series.