Saturday, March 3, 2007


Tired of that unsightly grime around the house, but Swiffer dusters and dust rags leave you feeling dirty? Can't remove stubborn road filth from your car wheels? Worried about the radioactive uranium dust lying around your lab? Well fear no more! Now even microscopic dust particles are no match for the "Negligible-Residue Non-tacky Tack Cloth":

Patent: HERE

Yes, this cleaning marvel even wipes up particles too small for your eyes to see, leaving a sparkling, streak-free surface you can be proud of! Developed by a nuclear lab researcher for cleaning up radioactive beryllium particles, it picks up metal, ceramic, plastic, fibers, and radiological contaminants. Do chronic respiratory problems and cancer from radiological contaminants get you down? Simply use these cloths to rub away your problems! Wipe down your semiconductor clean room, polish up those titanium golf clubs, or clean up brake dust from your car, all without needing additional cleaners. Simply "Use dry, rub hard," and your cleaning worries are wiped away! Order now!

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