Friday, February 8, 2008

Science Policies Of Presidential Candidates

Anymore it seems that if you are a Republican politician, your only interest in science topics is to oppose anything with the words “stem cell” or “evolution” and to support anything having to do with defense. If you are a Democratic politician, stem cells and evolution are back on the table, as well as protecting our environment and fighting global warming. So let’s hear it for the Dems, who wish to protect our health, fight for rationality in teaching science to our children, and actually want to protect the world we live in.

But don’t take my word for it. Below are three links to the stances of each of the candidates (including those who have stepped out of the running) on science issues, including their actual quotes and even videos. Enjoy!


Popular Mechanics “Geek The Vote 2008”:

The Huffington Post:

Image taken from HERE.

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Anonymous said...

As an Australian, I find the Republican stance on just about anything to be quite scary! And I treat them as tasteless jokes!

At least we got rid of our "republicans" in December. Perhaps this is an omen.