Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Can't reach that kitten in your redwood tree? Want to leap small buildings in a single bound? Have a burning desire to become a human cannonball? Well look no further! The "Controllable Launcher" is your ticket to fun and excitement!

It's not just a technological marvel, but a means to amaze your friends and reach new heights in your life. Like a combination sling shot and jet pilot ejector seat, simply position the launcher at the correct direction and angle, dial in the appropriate launch pressure, then sit in the launcher seat and yell "Pull." Next thing you know, you're in the air and on your way to adventure! No need for tedious stairs or pesky elevators. No more dangerous extension ladders or escalators. With the Controllable launcher, reaching those upper levels is as easy as one-two-fling! Don't wait to impress the girls in your life. With the Controllable Launcher, high balconies are a snap to reach. Your Juliet is waiting to catch you in her arms. Order now.

Strap me in, Bucky! I'm goin' flyin'!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Fascinating. This sounds like a future Darwin award winning device - but coming from DARPA? Do you think I could convince my MIL to sit in it?