Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Worktime Lunches

I'm a sucker for eating out for lunch. It takes only the slightest suggestion from a fellow employee and I'm out the door. All they need to do is come up to me around noon and say "Hey, Lab Rat, you wanna go . . . ." and the next thing you know I'm in the car with the fellow employee driving to a restaurant. It could be a snobby eatery or the taco van down the road for all I care. Why am I this way? Who knows. It could be because I want an excuse to escape my company for a little while. After all, if I stay at work I'm either likely to skip lunch altogether or I'll eat in front of my computer while I enter data (HERE's a nifty link about "desktop dining").

Or maybe I eat out because my choices (using today as an example) are a small can of tomato soup or a little box of freeze-dried noodles (just add hot water!) – neither menu item is of particular culinary appeal to me. There's always the vending machine (do Rollos count as a "lunch"?). Yeah, it's more expensive to eat out, (HERE's a link to a lunchtime calculator to figure how much you're looking in interest), but look at the variety you get.

Apparently I'm not alone with my "condition":

Up to a third of employees skip lunch, and when they eat out, it's fast food. Additionally, the average "lunch hour" has fallen to less than 30 minutes.

Sadly, I've got an awful lot of work today. I think I'll get my can opener and chug down tomato soup in front of my computer. Bon apatite!

(Update: My tomato soup was awful. Time to bum some change from someone and get some vending machine Rollos….)

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