Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eaten Alive By Maggots

Here’s an eerie story for you. A guy named Aaron Dallas recently had five fly larvae removed from his head:

Video news segment: HERE

Article: HERE

Yes, Dallas went to Casa Beya, Belize, to assist with a mountain bike race. When he returned to the U.S. he noticed that he had some bleeding bumps on the back of his head. The bumps grew. Then they started moving! The pain was unbearable, and he could hear them in his head, emitting popping and chewing sounds. Initially the doctors thought it was shingles. Finally, the doctor removed five live botfly larvae, each about as big as your thumbnail.

Ick. Yes, maggots were growing in his head and eating him alive. Doctors thought they were placed there though a mosquito bite. Dallas’ wife (ironically named Midge), took it all with a bit of humor.

(From the article): "I told him, 'I will love you through your maggots,' she teased. She's even made a three-minute short film titled, ‘Aaron's visitors from Belize.’"

Where’s a can of Off! when you need it?

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