Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Say No To Crack, Dam It

In a previous post, I reported about a 100-foot deep lake in the Andes mountains of Chile which had mysteriously drained away. After an investigation, geologists have now determined the cause: Crack.

No, not the drug. The lake had apparently been formed by a gigantic ice dam. The dam began melting, then cracked, and the water rushed out into a nearby fjord, then the sea, completely draining the lake (which was about the size of 10 football fields). Now the lake is slowly re-filling.

In my previous post I had hypothesized that the disappearance of the lake couldn’t possibly be blamed on global warming. Alas, though, seeing as how a crack in an ice dam was the cause, global warming IS a possible source for the warming of the dam.

And to think I had thought the problem was incontinence.

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Crow_mtt said...

Well I would of agreed with you if I would not have known what you just stated.