Monday, May 7, 2007

Ear Spiders!

Oh . . . my . . . God. A fourth-grade boy in Oregon had an earache and a case of hearing constant “snap, crackle, popping noises like Rice Crispies” in his left ear. He went to the doctor, and the nurse flushed out TWO SPIDERS:

His local paper:

With video:

Yes, young 9-year-old Jesse had spiders living in his frickin’ ear! At least one was still alive. They were the size of pencil erasers.

In the news video, Jesse showed the two spiders, pickled in a sample vial, now dead. One was floating on top, the other lying on the bottom, thus he has dubbed them “Floaty” and “Drowny.”

Some years ago a coworker of mine had a beetle fly into his ear. It was very painful for him, and he quickly had it flushed out. He got no end of ribbing for the incident (especially from me!). But this young Jesse is quite proud of his creepy experience, and is happy to be called “Spider Boy,” but he prefers "Spiderman Junior," just in time to have him linked in other kids’ minds with the ultra-cool new Spiderman III movie.

The 9-year-old in me thinks it’s pretty damned cool, too, in my “never grow up” boyish love of creepy-crawling things way.

How did these two little spiders choose this boy’s ear for their get-away cottage? His mom thinks it happened on April 22 when she and her son were weeding and the dirt was flying, but it might have happened while he was sleeping. The poor boy won’t sleep in his bed anymore. By the 25th the earache had become so bad they went to the doctor. That’s when it all went down. Just think, at least three days of being a “host” for a pair of spider lovebirds. After all, it was a nice place for a self-respecting spider to live. Just the right size, with yummy earwax to eat. Warm and moist, with a springy mattress to sleep on (the eardrum). A good view out the door. Sure, I’d live there if I were them. Good place to raise the young-uns (until they eat you!).

Ick. If I were little Jesse, I’d probably be sleeping with earplugs!

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Maggie said...

Oh my god, now I'm going to have nightmares. I loathe spiders. This would send me into hysterics.